SecondFirst Church, Rockford, Illinois, is seeking self-starting individuals to assume newly created positions. As a federation of two historic downtown churches (Second Congregational UCC and First Presbyterian PCUSA), we seek to be a welcoming, invigorating place to explore the heart of Christ and be sent out to serve the world. Downtown Rockford is exploding with possibility and is a unique live-giving place to do ministry. Come join us!

Positions Open:

  • Two Sunday School Teachers, 2.5 hours per week on Sunday mornings (hour of anytime prep included) preparing and leading the pre-selected curriculum with either Pre-K or Elementary aged children (academic year)i
  • Childcare, 5.5 hours per week on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings caring for infants through 2 years old and sometimes through preschool (year-round)

SecondFirst Church is an equal opportunity employer. Individuals of all backgrounds, race, gender, and sexual orientation are encouraged to apply.