Christian Education Ministry Team

The Christian Education Ministry Team encourages discipleship and spiritual formation by offering programs for  preschool, elementary school, middle school, confirmation and high school students with support to the Adult Education Committee.

Chairperson: Janet Jacobs

Deaconess Ministry Team

The Deaconess Ministry Team promotes the spiritual welfare of the church in the area of hospitality. We provide an opportunity for members and visitors to gather following worship and express care and friendship for each other. We also host or assist when there are special occasions for a celebrations in the church or following a funeral or memorial service.

Co-Chairperson: Arlene Noel
Co-Chairperson: Linda Miller

Deacons Ministry Team

The Deacons Ministry Team supports member participation and caring outreach services. The tasks of the Deacons include setting up and assisting in the sacraments of Communion and Baptism as well as overseeing the usher teams, audio and video teams, bus ministry, greeters and lay worship leaders, flowers and sanctuary enhancements. We also assist with weddings held in the church and support efforts of the Called to Care ministry to those who are sick or shut-in.

Chairperson: Jim Burright

Discernment and Vision Team

The Discernment and Vision Team is responsible for periodically reviewing the Vision, Mission, Ministry plan, Core Values and Goals of Second First Church with recommendations for the short and long-term. We are available to work with other ministry teams on their vision, mission, goals and projects as needed. DVT also works as an Incubator Group helping to develop new ideas relative to core values, supporting pilot projects, and linking them to existing groups and funding sources.

Chairperson: Roger Greenlaw

Fellowship Ministry Team

The Fellowship Ministry Team promotes fellowship among current and prospective church members through participation and coordination of social events, sports teams, special interest groups, service projects, community outreach and other activities.

Chairperson: Dave Noel

Membership Ministry Team

The Membership Ministry Team welcomes visitors, offers to involve them in the life of the congregation and invites them to become members. We express pastoral care and concern for all visitors and members through periodic outreach to each person.

Chairperson: Holly Hegge

Mission Ministry Team

The Mission Ministry Team strives to build a great city for all people through Christian activism that fosters personal transformation through Christ, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal to the city of Rockford and through our actions to the greater world.

Chairperson: Marge Maynard

Music Ministry Team

The Music Ministry Team supports the vision and initiatives of the Music Director, providing assistance with every aspect of the church’s music program. We discuss and advise the congregation on various components of the role of music in Worship, and planning and providing volunteers for special events, such as the Ring in Spring, Variety Show, and Organ Walk, as well as concerts by visiting artists.

Chairperson: Julie Cook Ramirez

Trustees Ministry Team

The Trustees Ministry Team is responsible for overseeing the financial and business affairs of the church as well as managing the church’s property. In addition, we handle scholarship and memorial monies.

Chairperson: Zan Picchioni