Palm/Passion Sunday is upon us! Why the addition of “Passion” you might ask? Well, many folks live busy lives and for many reasons might not be able to join us on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday (though I hope you will make every effort to be there!). Skipping from the celebration of Palm Sunday to the celebration of Easter, one would miss the cross and the crux of the good news.
Holy Week is a hard week. I would rather skip it. I don’t want Jesus to die — I like his earthly mission and message. I don’t think Jesus wanted to die either, but he is willing to accept it and knows that God will use it to bring life and hope.
Why did Jesus have to die? I don’t know. I suppose God could have ushered salvation into the world in another way. But since the religious and government authorities decided Jesus was a threat to them, they killed him. God didn’t do it. But God does raise him from the dead, because death could not hold him and life always wins over death.
Ultimately, Holy Week leads to new life and hope. I am ready to celebrate Easter. Let us join together to walk to the cross and accept the new life in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Peace to you,