Adult Christian education at SecondFirst aims to explore and enrich our Christian faith in a variety of contexts, formats and topics. Our goal is create forums of honest discussion and reflection and raise challenging questions. Conversations are wide ranging and the word ‘education’ should insight our inquisitive natures about how to faithfully participate in our world.

Wednesday evening offerings during the program year broadly fall into the category of applied faith where we explore how we, both as a faith community and individuals, can serve our community and beyond. Sunday mornings at 9:00am Koffee Klass gathers learn, discuss and reflect around topics centered around spiritual development and faith formation.

In October 2015, we offered “The Crescent and the Cross”, a five week course on Islam. In week one, the class covered Islam’s five pillars of faith, the perception of Islam in the media, and the history of Islam’s growth. Week two explained the historical and contemporary intersections of Islam and Christianity focusing on the Iberian Peninsula and ordinances for mosque proposals in the United States. Week three discussed themes in the Qur’an concentrating on the love of God and the love of neighbor. Week four, we hosted a guest speaker, Dr. Arshad Shaikh, President of the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford.

Fall 2015’s Wednesday Night Classes featured a series “Who’s Our Neighbor?” which hosted guest speakers from the community. These speakers were business owners, community leaders and other influential Rockford citizens. They discussed their history with Rockford and how the city could be improved. They each shared their thoughts on how the church could support the community.

Looking to know more or how exactly to plug in? Contact Andy Newgren. We’re missing your voice and hope you can enrich our learning.