Alternative Worship Service

Second Sunday of Every Month at 4:00 p.m.
SecondFirst Church Re-Arranged Chapel (doors off the sidewalk on Church street)

This is a laid back gathering with fun spirit-filled music, storytelling and food. Curious? Come!

This is a come as you are service (seriously, all of who you are). Everyone is welcome: kids who are noisy, old people who loud-whisper, people who are put together and people who are falling apart. Any one who identifies as human and is looking to value the basic humanity of everyone else and who wants to ponder the divine in our world. (We think Jesus is pretty rad and life-changing, but we won’t force that on you.)

There will be storytelling and mission making. There will be communion wandering and prayer stations. There will be jeans and coffee drinking. Everything revolves around the Table, now in the center of the room. There is no “up front.” All people participate in making worship.

Rev. Rebecca White Newgren, Pastor
Joshua Patterson, Music Maker