Happy New Year, Church!

I pray that God met you in the midst of the holiday season. And that God continues to be revealed in Christmas (not officially over until Epiphany on Jan 6). I’m curious if any of you are making New Year’s resolutions this year. If so, what are they about? How are they directing you? If not, why? I’m not 100% sold on making resolutions each year. Especially not the ones I know I will fail. I am not going to go to gym every day. I am not going to stop eating sugar. And I am not even going to wake up each day and pray for 30 minutes before my feet hit the ground (I am not wired to pray that way.)

I am wondering what would happen if this year we all made resolutions that set us up to succeed, promises to ourselves and others that we can actually easily and with joy attain. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Go for more walks (don’t say how many!). Call more friends on the phone (don’t put a limit!). Make more invitations to meet with others. Things you will actually do that will have life-giving results and not threatening consequences.

God offers us all abundant life. Let us promise to enter into that life with imagination and curiosity, not limitations and threats to ourselves. Be good to yourselves! and you will be good to others.

Peace to you,