Have you ever heard of a grassroots strategic plan? Me neither. But I think we have just done it! It will be up for your vote at our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 29th.

Our Discernment and Vision Team has been hard at work this year pulling a 3-5 year plan out of you. First, we listened to you with a strategic planning facilitator. Then we gathered what we heard into 4 strategies, which we took back to you, the congregation, in two town hall meetings. Then we turned those adapted strategies (broad direction) over to the ministry teams to fill out their goals (and dreams) for the next 3-5 years (remember when organizations could plan for 10 years? Times do change.) Now the plan is receiving it’s final alterations and will be ready for our Annual Meeting.

Our ministry teams have some great ideas and I am excited for you to see them. May God use these ideas to fulfill our Easter mission.

Happy Resurrection (in this life) to you!