Soup-Kitchen-2The Mission Team seeks to deliver opportunities for the Congregation to grow together with Christ through direct action in easing the suffering of others. Our undertaking has three overriding endeavors: Service to our community, critical care/crisis prevention, and mission work in the greater world.

Like many others, our community faces a host of social ills; each one representing a chance to make a difference. To that end, our members spend their time and energy in multiples ways: participating in soup kitchens, financially supporting local non-profits, preparing and providing food and entertainment for the elderly and disabled, coordinating donations of money, food and clothing for the disadvantaged, and supporting Jeremiah Development, a non-profit of faith-based organizations whose mission is to restore and reinvigorate SecondFirst’s immediate community.

We welcome people reeling toward the edge of an abyss, be it physical, economic, or spiritual, to come to the Church. The tragic immediacy of situations sometimes calls for quick action. Often, the Mission Team gives relief to those who are in need of immediate shelter, or facilitates obtaining much needed medications that are out of reach due to a lack of resources, or temporarily grants rent assistance to those in danger of dislocation. Whatever form need may take, we want our community to see us as a sheltering place of support and love. These practical, short term services are not limited to these issues, and are often not quick fixes, but do provide the needed time to secure long term solutions.

Fairdale-RepairWe seek to fulfill our obligation to Christian charity by being a source of hope to those facing hopelessness. Christian Charity knows no boundaries of city, state, or nation.