A dinner shared with good friends, an enjoyable movie and some great discussion, what nicer way is there to spend a February evening in Rockford? Our next film is scheduled for the two Wednesdays following Ash Wednesday, February 17 and 24. The schedule is as follows:

February 17 and 24:  “Waitress”  A pleasant look at life at a small town diner in the south where three waitresses and the cantankerous old owner help us to explore friendship, motherhood, bad choices, and second chances, plus some interesting pie recipes. Starring Kerri Russell as our “waitress” and Andy Griffith in his second to last film appearance.

March 9 and 16:  “Billy Elliot”   This is the video of a live performance of the musical that has been playing at London’s West End continuously since 2005. Set during the 1980’s miner’s strike in northern England, it is about a young boy who discovers his talent for dance and his struggle against odds to achieve his dream. With music by Elton John, I believe you will find the film both entertaining and inspiring.

April 6:  “Tender Mercies”  Robert Duvall stars as a down and out former Country Western singer who finds grace and redemption in the “tender mercies” of loving relationships. The film also stars Tess Harper as a young widow who befriends him, and Betty Buckley as his ex-wife and CW star. We will view this film in one evening, with hopefully enough time for some good discussion.

April 13 and 20:  “What Dreams May Come”   Robin Williams stars in this 1998 film as a doctor who whose accidental death causes him to wind up in a very fanciful heaven, all based on the beautiful paintings of his wife, now widowed. Although set in a heaven and hell scenario, the story is really about redemptive love and the willingness to sacrifice for others. This film may generate some of the most interesting discussions of the season.

As always, our dinner begins at 5:45 with the film at 6:30 p.m. All films are in the theater room on the third floor.

I’ll see you at the movies,

Pastor Fred