“With innovation and tradition.” I am often reminded of those words, shared by Chairperson Jennifer Archer as the Bell Task Force did its work this summer. It has become somewhat of a rallying cry as I approach this new bell year. Never would I leave behind the rich traditions and wealth of music which was lovingly selected—and often arranged—by those who came before me. At the same time, I like to shake things up. Anyone who knows me in the context of handbells will tell you that. We are mere weeks into the new program year and we’re off and ringing!

Joyce, Sarah, and I have carefully selected pieces for each of our respective groups to share on the following dates:

October 23 – Sunday Worship: Martins, Bellcantos, and Peanuts

November 13 – Sunday Worship: Carillons

December 11 – Sunday Worship: Martins, Angelus, and Bellcantos

December 17 – Christmas Vibrations Concert (3 pm)

December 18 – Sunday Worship: Peanuts and Carillons

The inaugural bell performances of the year will fast be upon us, so “watch this space!” We’ll be ringing for the glory of God…with innovation and tradition. Contact: julie.cookramirez@secondfirst.org.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]